About Cody

I’ve been managing a writing career for nearly three decades, producing short stories, novels, reviews, articles, and blog posts.  I’ve also worked a regular 9-to-5 job as an editor and writer for a small publishing company, and I spent many years in the advertising and marketing industry.  My interests are diverse.  I love reading, of course, with a particular fondness for literature and history.  Music is a key part of my life, especially classical, opera, and jazz; in fact, the arts play a huge role in my life and influence much of my personal work.  Animals and environmental issues are another interest—while researching a novel, I wound up spending three years volunteering at a nearby exotic cat preserve and was privileged to work up close with tigers.  I love cooking and good wine, enjoy many types of movies, and always stay abreast of current events, news analysis, and politics.


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