Writing Samples

This page is all about me or, rather, all about my writing.  The first three writing samples are pieces I wrote for a monthly newsletter distributed nationally to multifamily properties.  I wrote all three articles on this first sample and received particularly positive feedback for the Shakespeare piece:

Premium June-2015

In this sample of a complete newsletter, I wrote the short page one items “Houseplant Hygiene,” “Fresh Fabrics,” “Sleep Tight and Save Energy,” and “Enjoy a Guilt-Free Dip” (my first title suggestion was “Let’s Go Skinny Dipping!”).  On page two, I wrote “When the Earth Blows Its Top,” “The Big One,” and “Bring in the Bright”; on page three I wrote “Tennis, Anyone?”


For the June newsletter, on page one I wrote “Keep Cool.”  Page two features my articles “Enjoy a Safe Summer” and “Cool Summer Side Dishes”; I also wrote “The Evolution of Zoos” on page three.


In one of my previous jobs, I wrote the supporting materials for a new business division that I helped create.


How about some blog posts?  This one is a review of a fantasy YA novel that I enjoyed very much:

Wolfie’s Bookshelf: Un Lun Dun

This review covers a crossover album by a major opera star:

Dark Hope Review

Don’t be scared, but in this post I discuss why The Shining is such an effective horror story:

Commentary on The Shining

Working with tigers forced me to reconsider many of my opinions about keeping animals in captivity; this post explores some of the issues:

Where Killer Whales Belong

This blast from the past contains excerpts from a classical recording review column I regularly wrote for a local entertainment magazine:

Pitch Reviews

Just for fun, here are links to three of my published stories so you can get a feel for what I accomplish when I really let go.

Rawson Rix is a hard-bitten, ambitious young reporter trying to find the person who’s killing people in the city orphanage… a person with sharp fangs and ferocious claws.

The Hot Bolt Kids

The only thing more discombobulating for a teen than falling in love is realizing he’s not entirely human.

Wolf Dreams

Some kids hate going to school.  Other kids will kill to get there.

Flying Fox

Take a look at my recent novel, a YA horror tale that will slither its way into your brain!



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